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The Gathering re-releases 'Home' & 'Souvenirs' on vinyl!

Home' & 'Souvenirs' vinyl re-issue!

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Remastered re-issues of 2 classic TG albums: 'Home' and 'Souvenirs' pressed on double colored vinyl!

Finally on vinyl again!

It took us some time, but here they are! The Gathering's re-issues of 'Home' and 'Souvenirs' on vinyl. The albums come in a limited edition pressing of colored vinyl, including bonus tracks, remastered, and with beautiful new art work.
Additional 4 bonus tracks on both albums; songs recorded during that particular period. Also available in various package deals with some very nice new 'Home' and 'Souvenirs' T-shirt designs and a free Tote bag! Check our webshop now! Note that both items are currently in production, and shipping will happen towards end of july.

'Home' & 'Souvenirs'

Both classic TG albums recorded in 2003 ('Souvenirs') and 2005 ('Home').  A very interesting phase in their career. By creating experimental sounds and combining them with their characteristically song writing skills, TG made 2 very special albums in a row.

'Souvenirs' is the first full-length release from The Gathering since parting ways with Century Media, and the first full-length release for Psychonaut Records. Many speculate that it was the new experimental directions of the group, as well as the inability of the label to market them that signaled the end of their contract with Century Media.This is the final studio album to feature original bassist Hugo Prinsen Geerligs.

'Home' is TG's eighth album. The album was released on 15 April 2006 by Sanctuary Records through its heavy metal label Noise.
'Home' was produced, mixed and engineered by Attie Bauw, who also was at the helm during the 'How to measure a planet?' recordings. The album was recorded in a little church in Maurik, the middle of the Netherlands.

It was the last album to feature lead singer and lyricist Anneke van Giersbergen.

They were out of print for a very long time. 'Home' 10 years, and 'Souvenirs' even 13 years. 
But they are back now!

'Souvenirs' comes in beautiful gatefold sleeve, colored transparent green and black mixed vinyl, and with printed inner sleeves. 

'Home' has beautiful gold foil front cover artwork, comes as solid gold vinyl and has printed inner sleeves as well. Both albums have 4 bonus tracks, songs recorded during that particular period. 


Souvenirs (2LP vinyl version)  


1. These Good People
2. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
3. Broken Glass 


1. You Learn About It
2. Souvenirs
3. We Just Stopped Breathing 


1. Monsters
2. Golden Grounds
3. Jelena
4. A Life All Mine 


1. Mokaka
2. Zion (demo version of In Between)
3. Disarm (demo version of You Learn About It)
4. A Life All Mine (demo version)

Home (2LP vinyl version): 


1. Shortest Day
2. In Between
3. Alone
4. Waking Hour 


1. Fatigue
2. A Noise Severe
3. Forgotten
4. Solace
5. Your Troubles Are Over 


1. Box
2. The Quiet One
3. Home
4. Forgotten (reprise) 


1. Blister
2. Waking Hour (demo version)
3. Inner Combat
4. Alone (demo version)
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