terça-feira, dezembro 11, 2012

Exivious - Liminal / Pre-order Crowdfunding Campaign

Help us finish our new album!

Here we are, almost 4 years after the release of our debut, we're now on the verge of finishing a new album, called Liminal.

The story so far...

After releasing our first album in 2009, we were overwhelmed and quite surprised by the positive response to our music. We never thought such geeky music would be appreciated by so many of you. We would have loved to tour and inject more of our time and energy into the band, but unfortunately couldn't due to other commitments. It even came to the point where we had to call it quits, but priorities shifted and we reunited with big plans! We want to release many more albums and get out there, performing our music for all of you who have supported us over the years.

Where we are at...

As many of you know, Exivious has always been an independent, unsigned band. Our reasons are quite simple. We love having full control over the creative and business side of our band. But it's not without challenges!

Traditionally, a band would sign to a record label for a number of reasons. The most important ones usually are covering studio costs, taking care of press (arranging interviews, reviews, advertising) and distribution. As a band you simply don't have the network, the money, the name and often times, the skill, to get these things done on your own.

As such we are talking to multiple interested labels and we might get signed in the near future. However, we are not certain we want to go down that route just yet and in the meantime, we would like to keep things going instead of waiting for a deal that might or might not happen. This presents us with the problem of funding the new album.


We need it to cover studio costs, to pay our graphic designer, to finish the work on our project studio where the album will get mixed, to invest in new gear and equipment, etc etc etc.

Recording a killer sounding album is not cheap. We actually just came out of an awesome studio where we recorded drums which cost over 500 dollars a day. But there's only so much we can invest ourselves at this time, without us ending up homeless. That's why we are firing up this campaign, so you can help us out to finish what we started!

What do you get!?

Now let us be clear: we're not asking for donations here. This campaign is actually just an extensive pre-ordering system and we will make sure you get a killer product. Do you remember the limited unique edition we did for our first album, where every buyer received his own unique poster? We have something similar planned for Liminal, but way cooler!

With the 'personalized unique edition' you will actually influence, in a very direct way, what your poster and the final cover artwork is going to look like. We're in the middle of developing our own software to take care of this. All based around the concept for our new album, liminality.


We hope it will be obvious we really went out of our way to create something special for you guys. So you will get your money's worth, and we get the money needed to finish what we started! And IF we end up signing with a label, we will have the recording budget (the label will supply us with) free to spend on touring! So we can get out there and perform for you guys!

We tried to be as transparent and honest as we could, explaining our views and goals. We were blown away by the love and support we received when we released our first album. We know we have a very loyal, loving fan base for which we are grateful beyond words. We hope we can count on you again!

Thank you,
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