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Cleveland, Ohio - December 14, 2012 - It's here!!! Syzygy's 3-disc, live DVD/CD entitled "A Glorious Disturbance" is in stock and ready to ship!!! See and hear why fans and critics are calling Syzygy, "…out and out heavyweights of progressive rock."

Order this incredible package now!

Here is what's included when you order A Glorious Disturbance:

· Three discs – 2 DVDs and 1 CD, nearly 5 hours of content!!!

· DVD 1: Almost 2 hours from two different Syzygy concerts – 2009's "Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival" and 2010's "A Day of Prog Festival" (Syzygy headlined)

o Critics say Syzygy's live performances "…vaulted them into the upper echelon of contemporary progressive rock."

o Both concerts in 5.1 surround sound with incredible aural imaging.

o Track list in covers a diverse collection of Syzygy compositions as well as an exciting encore set of two classic progressive rock covers!

· CD: Over 72 minutes of live music. Several new and exciting interpretations of some of the band's earlier work as well as pieces performed live for the first time. Incredible sound quality.

· DVD 2: Over an hour and a half of special features:

o In depth interview with Carl Baldassarre by Michael Heaton (the Minister of Culture for the Cleveland Plain Dealer). Carl discusses the history of the band with tons of behind-the-scenes footage dating back 30 years!

o The Writing of Realms: An in-depth look at Realms of Eternity, the album that Steve Hackett (Genesis) called, a "masterpiece." This feature includes a track-by-track breakdown in the studio of these great compositions. Musicians and audiophiles will love this!

o The great Mark Boals discusses his perspective on working as lead vocalist and front man for Syzygy (both in the studio and live on stage).

o Band Roundtable: Listen in as the members of Syzygy discuss the past, the DVD and Syzygy's future. Lots of additional footage included in this roundtable discussion.

· You will be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous looking DVD package. The color, design and graphics are beyond compare! The package comes with a pullout poster containing a lyric sheet and a photo montage of the band in action.

· Be sure to check out Syzygy's YouTube channel [syzygymusic1]. Additional videos have been added in connection with the release of "A Glorious Disturbance."

"We are very excited to bring you Syzygy Live: "A Glorious Disturbance." We feel this is the definitive perspective of Syzygy from past to present. It frames our careers to this point and clears the palette for the new music which is to come. We hope you enjoy this release and that it brings you years of listening and watching pleasure. On behalf of the members of Syzygy, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a peaceful and prosperous New Year." Carl Baldassarre
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