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RPWL - second live DVD to be recorded in February 2013

As previously announced, Clive Nolan is currently working on his new project "Alchemy". The world premiere of the show will take place at the famous Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, Poland on February 22, 2013. This special evening at the Theatre will be enriched by two additional concerts. One of the Artists performing that night will be Paul Menel, who, along with his band, will perform songs from one of the best albums in the career of his previous formation IQ - "Nomzamo". Today we reveal the second band: RPWL.
The music of this German band definitely has its own style – modern yet also drawing from the best traditions of the prog-rock genre. All in all - brilliant compositions, catchy melodies, mature and intriguing sound!  The band was formed in 1997 in Freising, Germany as a Pink Floyd cover band. After three years they started creating their own music, based on their experience from their cover band era. Glorious reviews after the release of their debut album "God Has Failed" (2000), a successful tour through half of Europe, and appearances at various festivals left no doubt - the band had become a must-hear of the progressive/symphonic rock genre. In march 2002, RPWL released a follow-up album entitled "Trying to Kiss the Sun". With this album, the band emphatically shed off their reputation of a Pink-Floyd cover band and created a sound of their own. The band toured extensively through Germany and Europe, taking their shows to a new level with a quadraphonic sound system, which made their already huge live sound even more gigantic. Having published their album in the USA and South America, RPWL gained fans and recognition all over the world. In the next years, the band released the following studio albums: "Stock" (2003), „World Through My Eyes" (2005), "The RPWL Experience" (2008). „Beyond Man and Time" (2012) is their most recent album and it will make for the main part of their performance at Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice. As the band announce, it will be the last complete performance of "Beyond Man and Time" album in Europe. The show will be recorded and released on DVD by Metal Mind Productions later next year.
RPWL - line-up:
Yogi Lang – vocals, keyboards
Kalle Wallner - guitar
Werner Taus- bass
Marc Turiaux - drums
Markus Jehle – keyboards
Metal Mind Productions
A night at the Theater
„Alchemy" by Clive Nolan
The Paul Menel Band performing IQ's album „Nomzamo"
22.02.2013 Teatr Śląski – Katowice
Doors open: 16.30 start: 17.30
For tickets go HERE.
Metal Mind Productions
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