terça-feira, dezembro 25, 2012

The new Edenbridge's eighth studio album is called "The Bonding".

In today´s newsletter, where the new album title will be revealed, Sabine will speak about the vocal recordings.

In the past 2 to 3 weeks I was mainly busy with myself and singing, and totally tried to fall into the energies of the album. Which was not easy all the time, as it was nearly impossible for me to sing the past 2 years due to personal circumstances. So much harder the overcoming was, to prepare myself for the album, as every note and lyrical line brought me into touch with the extreme circumstances of the past years. At the same time I didn´t have the necessity to lead an inner fight - in remembrance to our video "Higher". I wanted to sing for the sake of singing and not because the next album was on the schedule. How Lanvall has succeeded in writing such an emotional album after his father commited suicide in May 2011, is highly admirable for me.

"Death is not the end" was a deeply touching song for me, cause I sung it for my grandma. She passed away in the presence of my mother and myself on my birthday in May 2012. She was a very plain and heartful being. I owe her a lot concerning my voice, as she listened to me deeply touched for hours when I was singing as a child, as if she was listening to me for the first time. After I mastered this song, I knew I had reached the entrance and now it went forward rapidly.

The title song "The Bonding" is fitting perfectly to today´s December 21 I thought and wanted to enter the studio today. But my voice thought differently :-)) cause as I was in such a good shape after a couple of hours in the studio last week, I just connected this 15 minutes song. With the attunement to today´s date of winter solstice I have sung with such an ease which surprised me myself. The world downfall "only" takes place for our fears and old dogmas and this only if we decide to trust in our lives. Anyway, a good time has started for us and we are totally happy with the recordings. I am really looking foward when you, our dear fans can hold the finished CD in your hands. Something out of our confidence and joy shall spread with our music..."

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2013 !!!


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