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Arjen Lucassen guests on a new Soul Enema album

Soul Enema currently works on a new album named "Of Clans and Clones and Clowns", which includes 13 tracks of original and out of the box progressive metal/art rock. As part of it, a prominent Dutch composer and guitarist landed a solo part for one of the tracks, while being positively impressed by the work in progress presented to him. Here is the official announcement on part of Soul Enema: 

"Today is one of those especially happy and unique days, since we finally have an opportunity to announce a legendary Arjen Anthony Lucassen as a guest on a new Soul Enema album! It's safe to say, that for a good couple of decades Arjen continues to be a never ending source of inspiration - a creative mastermind and a visionary of his own league, a tasty and emotive guitar player, a humble and friendly person. Growing up with all those soon-to-become-classic Ayreon albums in a cd player, it was something on a verge of impossible even to imagine, that on one of those future days you will happen to be in a honorable position, when a big man himself finds his magic ways on your own musical journey.

There is just no vocabulary to contain a "thank you" of a really appropriate degree to express the feeling... 

So, this time Arjen is here for us to sky rocket a gorgeous solo guitar part on a tune named "Eternal Child", and his performance is truly one of those moments of otherworldly beauty, so precious each time when it manages to be transcended onto the tape.
Looking forward to that moment, when we can share it with each of you!"

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