sexta-feira, setembro 18, 2015

Spartan announces releasedate "Fall of Olympus"

Release date "Fall of Olympus" on 3 December 2015

The Dutch melodic death metal band Spartan will release their first full length album through Into The LimeLight Records.

The new album "The Fall of Olympus" will consist of 13 great songs and the appearances of some great guests:

Henning Basse (e.g. Metallium, Mayan, Gus G)
Hadassa Kosten (The Name)
Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ)

Spartan bring forth powerful and pounding yet melodic tunes. Inspired by tales of ancient Greek mythology, their songs are themed with heroic battles, heroes, gods and demi-gods and rich with symphonies of times past. They are characterized by the strong vocal lines, in which epic storytelling plays a major part. 

The release of the album will be combined with a fantastic release show in Patronaat, Haarlem. Two great bands will support Spartan on stage, The Monolith Deathcult and X-Tinxion.

The pre-ordering and special package sales for the release show has already started. Check out the webshop at 

1. The Age Of Man
2. Helena
3. Immortal
4. Breaking The Chains Of Olympus (ft. Henning Basse)
5. Elysium
6. The Labyrinth
7. At The Dawn Of War
8. Titanomachy
9. Written In Sand
10. Glory Awaits
11. A Beautiful Death
12. Eurydice's Song (ft. Hadassa Kosten)
13. Sons Of Sparta (ft. Sakis Tolis)
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