quarta-feira, setembro 09, 2015

War Drum (This Ain't America) - Magellan's Plea for Reason

Magellan will release "War Drum (This Ain't America)" September 9th, 2015. The new digital single showcases a "plea for reason" as founder Trent Gardner calls for all major 2016 U.S. Presidential candidates to immediately withdraw from any potential bid for the White House:

"Dear ubiquitous and homogenized presidential candidates from all parties,
I don't want to experience a repeat of this predictable and ritualistic dance. It's time to go off script. For America, please stop now. All I can hear is the beating of yet another WAR DRUM. http://bit.ly/Magellan_WarDrum Keep us all safe and just go home." http://magellansongs.com/

Of course this seemingly naive suggestion is roughly the equivalent of an ant going up against Godzilla, but Trent knows he's not alone in his feelings on the subject.

We're too familiar with the pattern. The presidential election approaches and a sickeningly familiar rhetoric pulses below every interview. Sound bites of disinformation bombard us like the pounding of Zhangu war drums, then are overshadowed swiftly by military-like snares of accusations rising to a frenzy. Soon the ancient music of communication is beaten down into a primal marching cadence....