terça-feira, janeiro 12, 2016

Godsticks great gigs you'll be going to in 2016.

If you live in Wales, or nearby, then it would be great to see you at one of our upcoming headline gigs. We'll be playing in Llanelli on the 29th January and in Cardiff (with Hunted) on the 11th March. Best of all, both gigs are free entry. For full details just head on over to our website: www.godsticks.co.uk/gigs

Also, you may have noticed on our Facebook page yesterday the announcement that we'll be supporting the fantastic Dutch metal band, 'Textures'. They have a new album coming out in February and are undertaking a European tour to promote it. Godsticks were lucky enough to be included on the bill in London, and if you're interested in attending tickets can be purchased here: www.theunderworldcamden.co.uk/gigs

We ended 2015 on a high note by supporting our friends, the virtuoso supergroup The Aristocrats, in Birmingham at the O2 Institute and Bristol at the Bierkeller. The new line-up, which includes guitarist Gavin Bushell and drummer Tom Price, is working very well and we were grateful for such an enthusiastic response from the audience. It can be tough being the support band but they made us feel very welcome! It's loads of fun playing the new material, from our album Emergence, and we can't wait to get started again.

We'll also soon be unveiling a new t-shirt design, based on the Emergence artwork.

Over the next few weeks we hope to be able to announce some more gigs around the U.K. and in mainland Europe, so keep a lookout for another newsletter or check us out on social media:

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