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Soundtrack To The Critically Acclaimed Documentary I AM THOR To Be Released On CD In Conjunction With The Blu-ray & DVD!

Los Angeles, CA - In 2015, audiences at film festivals around the world were treated to one of the most remarkable documentary films of the year, I Am Thor, the exhilarating, hugely entertaining story of Jon Mikl Thor, the body-building, steel bending, brick smashing '80s metal icon whose anthems "Anger," "Let The Blood Run Red" and "Keep The Dogs Away" are still cherished to this day by hardcore metalheads. The film to be released this month on both Blu-ray and DVD, traces the many ups and downs of Thor's career, including his triumphant comeback tour in the early '00s - a tour that nearly kills him. The film picked up accolades and awards at both the Slamdance and Fantasia film festivals while wowing audiences everywhere, metal heads and non-metal heads alike! Now, on January 22nd, Deadline Music will proudly present the official soundtrack to this extraordinary biography, a veritable greatest hits package that features all of the thunderous metal anthems heard in the film as well as rare gems such as Thor's brief flirtation with punk rock (as THOR & The Ass Boys) and early recordings that have never seen a commercial release before! This is both the perfect introduction to the phenomenal music of this iconic figure for those new to the fold as well as a must have for die hard Thor maniacs the world over!

Track List
1. We Are Body Rock/Start The Show - Mikl Body Rock
2. Hey Tonight - The Ticks
3. Do The Muscle - THOR & The Imps
4. Keep The Dogs Away - THOR
5. Lightning Strikes - THOR
6. Only The Strong - THOR
7. Anger - THOR
8. Thunder On The Tundra - THOR
9. Let The Blood Run Red - THOR
10. Thunderhawk - THOR
11. War Hammer - THOR
12. Devastation of Musculation - THOR
13. Metal Avenger - THOR with Fast Eddie Clarke
14. Fucking and Fighting - THOR & The Ass Boys
15. Shit The Pants - THOR & The Ass Boys
16. Crunch, Crunch, Yum, Yum - Jon Mikl Thor feat. Gido

Download on iTunes: http://flyt.it/IAMTHORDigital

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