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The Clive Nolan, Arena and Pendragon news

Clive's Health Battle Continues

As many of you know, the second part of 2015 turned out to be a very
trying and difficult time for Clive, who, due to a detached retina,
had to undergo three emergency eye operations. This forced him to
temporarily abandon work and devote more than 3 months to
rehabilitation and recovering. Sadly, the final result is still not
certain and it will take some time before we know the surgeries were
successful. Nevertheless, plans for 2016 have been made and hopefully
they can be carried out according to the schedule. Fingers crossed for
Clive and his swift and full recovery!

"SHE" in Holland

The first performance of Clive's rock opera "SHE" in 2016 will be a
concert version featuring the revised cast, live band and the chorus.
The show will take place on January 30th at the famousZoetermeer
Boerderij in Holland and will feature Gemma Louise Edwards as Ayesha,
Robbie Gardner as Leo, Verity Smith as Ustane, Chris Lewis as Holly,
Iain Baldwin (Job), Ross Andrews (Billali), Emily Frechter (Rehani) as
well as the Caamora Chorus. Boerderij will also witness the return of
the Caamora live band featuring Clive Nolan (keyboard), Mike Varty
(keyboards), Mark Westwood (guitar), Kylan Amos (Bass) and Scott
Higham (drums).

Additionally, the event will be supported by Clive Nolan and Friends
performing a special acoustic act, during which the audience will hear
a selection of songs from Clive's rock and musical repertoire
performed by Clive and his band: Mark, Kylan and Scott and the Caamora
Theatre vocalists.

Tickets can be booked at:

Health permitted, this will be Clive's first public appearance in
2016! Don't miss it!!

Two New Musicals are Coming this Year!

Clive: "As I announced at "The Fire and the Quest" weekend, it is my
intention to write and record two musicals this year. This will be a
mammoth undertaking, but it's high time I moved on to new adventures!

The first, provisionally entitled "Dark Fables", will be a modern tale
based around music I have written over the last 25 years. My original
concept will be developed by director Ian Baldwin, whose exceptional
creative talent will ensure a tantalizing story. This show, for rock
band and five singers, will be designed so that we can take it out on
tour. In addition to the stage set there will also be interactive
video material featuring numerous special guests.

The second show, which will be titled "King's Ransom", will be set in
the "Alchemy universe". It will feature Professor King, Eva and
William, alongside exciting new characters and a brand new adventure.
This story takes place two years after the events of "Alchemy", and
explores the underworld of Victorian London with a big dose of
romance, intrigue and adventure. I have already written about half of
the musical material and the storyline is complete, which means that
most of the characters have been cast and I can already see the
makings of a thrilling new show!

It is my intention for the writing of both of these productions to be
completed later this year and recording to begin immediately after
that. I would like to think that 2017 will witness the release of CDs
and DVDs as well as launching new theatrical and concert performances
of the shows. Nevertheless, I do intend to preview some of the new
material in certain events this year.

I'm very excited by the prospect of these new challenges and look
forward to working again with all the talented singers, musicians,
artists and technicians who will help me bring these stories to life.

As Professor King said… 'Now there is a promise made!'"

More details soon at: http://www.clivenolan.net/

Arena Jubilee DVD!

The release date of the long awaited Arena 20th anniversary DVD has
been confirmed! The jubilee show, recorded in April 2015 in Poland,
will be released in February 2016 by Metal Mind Productions. "We're
very excited about this new release as it captures the vibe of the
anniversary tour and represents 20 years of Arena", says Clive.

Metal Mind: "Material entitled "XX" was recorded during the Polish leg
of „20th Anniversary Tour - The Unquiet Sky", shortly after the
release of their 8th studio masterpiece "The Unquiet Sky". The band
once more graced their Polish fans with an outstanding show, this time
at Katowice Kinoteatr Rialto. New release is a veritable feast for all
prog-rock fans! More than two hours of darkly sublime beauty,
interviews with Clive Nolan and Mick Pointer and more! "XX" is
scheduled for a worldwide release on February, 12th 2016 via Metal
Mind Productions. Also available as a double-CD release."

Arena: http://www.arenaband.co.uk/

Pendragon 20th Anniversary of The Masquerade Overture Tour!

Pendragon has announced the dates for the forthcoming 'Masquerade
Overture' 20th anniversary tour. "It's only a little tour, but 'The
Masquerade Overture' is 20 years old and we want every show to be a
big celebration!", says Nick Barrett. The tour will consist of 12
shows performed in major European cities including Paris, Zoetermeer,
London, Katowice and more. The tour will kick off in April with a
single concert at the festival in Reichenbach, Germany and will
continue throughout May 2016. Additionally, the show at the Wyspianski
Theatre in Katowice, Poland will be recorded for DVD by Metal Mind
Productions. Tickets for all shows are available now!

Clive: "I really look forward to the tour and taking my place behind
the keyboards again. The end of 2015 turned out to be rather difficult
and trying due to health problems... and thus the prospect of being
back in my 'normal' shoes live on stage seems a particularly joyful
one. Hope to see many of you out there and to have a chance to chat
and enjoy the tour with you!"

For dates and tickets go to: http://www.pendragon.mu/

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