quarta-feira, janeiro 27, 2016

Wishbone Ash - News From The Road

So we're deep into the 2016 Road Warriors Tour for Wishbone Ash. Holland is a distant memory (we had a great time there) and we're well into snowy days traveling the autobahns of Germany venue by venue.

We're gradually heading east and the temperature is dropping but not the audience numbers. On the contrary, our agents keep telling us that it's quite remarkable how so few bands can tour consistently year after year like Wishbone Ash does AND with such a loyal audience support. For that we thank YOU!

We'll have a short break in the middle of it all to play the Monsters of Rock show in Minehead. The folks there are doing a great job bringing in some good rock acts and we'll be looking forward to our 11.30pm slot there. Just hope you guys can stay awake for us!

After that, the band will all chill out at their respective homes in the UK except for Pauline and I. We'll be visiting friends and family in the UK and also taking in a few theatre productions, the London scene being so much cheaper than what we're used to in New York. Then it's back on a plane to Vienna to rendevous with the band for the ongoing dates. We are really looking forward to those - Austria, Switzerland and Poland where the audiences are always so warm, unlike the weather this time of year. Before all of that, we're going to the Vienna Opera House, not for some Queen tribute show, as you might think but actual opera. I'm totally psyched because, like my old dad, I have a soft spot for the genre and what better place to experience it than there in Vienna.

On to more down to earth matters; 100 pre-release copies of the brand new Wishbone Ash DVD "Live In Paris" are now available on the webstore. First come, first served!
Please note that these are in the PAL format (for Europe) and very fine quality they are too.

We have some US copies remaining which can be delivered in early March. If you'd like to be on the list to get hold of one of those please check out this link.

There are also 30 copies left of the limited edition Metropolis Live Vinyl recording. These are the only remaining copies of a strictly limited pressing and when they're gone, they're gone. Don't miss the opportunity to own a true Wishbone Ash collectors' item - a recording of the band from last year's invited audience presentation at one of London's last great remain commercial studios.

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