sexta-feira, dezembro 09, 2016

CERNUNNOS PAGAN FEST 9 is proud to announce its headliner !


We are proud to announce to all pagan and folk metal fans the 9th edition of Cernunnos Pagan Festival and its headliner  TYR

The others band are :  Grimner, Griffon,  Naheulband, Fejd, dordeduh,  Dalriada,  Baldrs Draumar, PerKelt, Möhrkvlth 

More than a classic festival, CERNUNNOS PAGAN FEST  Is a true medieval fair. Next edition is Saturday 11 february 2017 at Noisiel(77) - La Ferme du Buisson 

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You can find more informations on their facebook page :
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