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Sprouts Of Life: Pandora for cancer research!

After the passing of Greg Lake, the italian prog band releases a benefit-EP (only digital) including rarities and unreleased tracks: all the proceeds will be donated to LILT - Italian League for Cancer Research

Sprouts Of Life: Pandora for cancer research!

Sprouts Of Life
Pandora's Music For The Research On Cancer
5 tracks | 38.33 minutes
AMS Records 2016

"Our latest album Ten Years Like In A Magic Dream… included a tribute to the world of progressive and to those musicians we've grown up with, such as Keith Emerson and Greg Lake. Greg's death occurred a few days after the release of our new single, a remake of the amazing ELP's Lucky Man, dedicated to Emerson Lake & Palmer. So we have decided to search for old Pandora tracks to release a benefit album: all the proceeds will be donated to LILT for cancer research".

After Greg Lake's passing, who was recently homaged in new album, Pandora releases a digital benefit-album with unreleased tracks and rarities. This EP is called Sprouts Of Life, Pandora's Music For The Research On Cancer. Its profit will be entirely donated to LILT (Italian League for Cancer Research), in order to purchase a breast ultrasound machine. Sprouts Of Life: Pandora for the Research on Cancer is available only on digital format on BandCamp, iTunes (soon on GooglePlay too), purchasable only fully, Price 2.99 EUR.

"We have decided to release a digital EP including some tracks from our old albums with 12 unreleased minutes of some bootlegs recorded during our last studio sessions. It's very important for us to help the italian organisation who deals with cancer research, we would like to thanks all the people who will buy our EP and help us against cancer". 

Born ten years ago, in 2006, Pandora is one of the european prog band most loved all over the world. The italian band had released three cds - Dramma di un poeta ubriaco (2008), Sempre e ovunque oltre il sogno (2011) and Alibi Filosofico (2013) - and the fourth has been released on 30th nov. Ten Years Like In A Magic Dream…. features a new line-up including the lead vocalist Emoni Viruet, with wonderful special guests Vittorio Nocenzi (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator), Dino Fiore and Andrea Bertino (Castello di Atlante).

1. Breve Storia di San George
2. La Formula Finale di Chad-Bat
3. Sempre Con Me
4. Lucky Man (EL&P Tribute)
5. Working & Composing Since 2007... (Pandora's Bootleg)


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