sábado, dezembro 03, 2016

OKADA: "Division Of Self"

Okada is a project by Greg Pappas from Alabama, US. Initially  known to the music world as ZXYZXY, Greg used it as a vehicle for  experimentation and refinement of his writing technique while  dabbling in electro-acoustic, ambient, post-rock and even wonky  genres. It wasn't until the Summer of 2014 that he felt his music  clicked into place seemingly out-of-nowhere under Okada. Division of Self has a cinematic quality, the silver screen brought to life through music. You can barely make out a child's whisper, a placid, slightly melancholic piano and a female vocal that repeatedly cries out: 'Tell me that it's over'. The dark ambient facade fades, and the listener approaches a lovely, inviting ambient interior, with rose-colored paint and dusty, forgotten statues, decaying together like former lovers tangled up in the dirty sheets of a dead romance.
The sedate strolling pace is just what's needed. Okada creates a dreamy vibe that is intensely warm and understanding, full of theatrical flourishes and quieter moments for reflection and stillness. Ethereal in sound, and yet flirting with clipped n' clunky beats, Division of Self has an ambient heart that treads over a weary soul. The music has recovered from its troubled opening. It's almost as if it were saying "don't give up just yet".
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine