terça-feira, dezembro 06, 2016

ItalianProg book - New updated English edition

As most of you know, the first edition of this book, taken from my website www.italianprog.com, was published many years ago, in 2008 and has long sold out since last year. During these years the site has been constantly updated, adding more than 50 new artists and groups entries and lots of details on records and existing biographies. 

The new book contains 536 pages, in the large 8.5x11" format,  with over 600 groups and solo artists which all played in Italy during the Seventies. Biographical notes, detailed discography, collectors' notes and rarity/value rating (LP's only) are supplied, with black and white photos of some of the pictures. A separate section is dedicated as usual to the record companies that were involved in the Italian music scene. The new edition has been fully revised. 

"ItalianProg: The comprehensive guide to the Italian progressive music of the 70's" is printed and sold by Amazon.

It's already available on the Amazon US site (and other countries' Amazon site) at the price of $ 27.50 and will be available in a few weeks from other online sites.

Due to the printing and distribution method chosen, I don't have copies of the book to sell and I can't send sample copies for reviews, but here's a small extract (in PDF format) that can be downloaded by anyone from the following link:

I hope that all the people that followed my work and visited the site during all these years will appreciate the effort, many of them repeatedly asked about a new edition of the book.

I also hope to have, if possible, a small help for its diffusion through every channel (word of mouth, Internet sites, Facebook, music magazines).  


** Augusto Croce - Perugia Italy

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