sábado, dezembro 03, 2016

GLASGOW COME SCALE: "Enter Oblivion"

Glasgow Coma Scale was formed in February 2011 by Piotr and  Marek Kowalski. The two brothers and trained classical musicians  lived their lives between Krakow/Poland, where they were born and  Barcelona/Spain, finally settling in Frankfurt / Germany. However,  they never got the chance to play together in the same band. Along  with the drummer Helmes Bode, the idea has now come full circle.  Why Enter Oblivion? Have you ever heard of people having their best ideas, just before they fall asleep? This is how lots of ideas on this record were born. Mostly, it was the question of catching the idea by singing it into for example a voice recorder or a mobile before entering the oblivion. So, in case of Glasgow Coma Scale, this very moment is crucial if it comes to generating ideas. You catch it and transfer it later into your songs, or you did not manage to stay awake and lose it. It is that simple. If you are into psychedelic rock, the new album will expand your universe.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine