segunda-feira, maio 27, 2013

Deventter releases new album: EMPTY SET

After eleven years of its formation and four years after the release of "Lead... On" - the album that was present in many best of 2009 lists made by Brazilian specialized press -, prog rockers of Deventter are back at full strength with its third album:
 "Empty Set".

EMPTY SET is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!
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In this new phase, the band, now consolidated as a quintet, joined Norcal Studios, in São Paulo, alongside the renowned producers Adriano Daga and Brendan Duffey, to create this new album. The results are a raw and direct sonority that can be heard throughout the 14 tracks that cross between various rock influences - be it alternative, progressive, classic, metal or grunge -, and even flirting with electronic music in some moments.

"Empty Set" is a reflection about how the individual nullifies himself against many social conditions around him; about the individual that, surrounded by an unending sea of information, is lost in social chaos; about the individual that, increasingly, is treated more as a consumer than as an human being, and becomes just a number, a statistic. The sum of these individuals that should form a society becomes an empty set.

With this album, Deventter manifests, through its music, the unrest caused by the current social and cultural values widespread in Brazil and in the world.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine