quinta-feira, maio 09, 2013


ADEIA - "Hourglass"
Adeia is an Avant-Garde Progressive Metal band from Rotterdam. (The Netherlands.) The band was started by classical violinist Laura ten Voorde who wanted to create her own combination of classical music, progressive metal and darker artforms. Laura had been playing classical for years, but felt that that wasn't her true passion. This drove her to composing her own music and writing the lyrics to accompany it. Her basic ideas were picked up by a host of musicians, which became her bandmembers later on. Adeia was truly born when Cellist Ruben van Kruistum & Vocalist Franc Timmerman joined her to create the band's signature sound. The band was completed by Wabe Wieringa on Guitars, Dennis Burgemeester on Bass Guitar, Laurens Hoppe on Synths and Christiaan Bruin on Drums who all contributed their own musical colors to Adeia's sound. The band´s line-up are: Laura ten Voorde - Violin, Vocals; Ruben van Kruistum - Cello; Franc Timmerman - Lead vocals, Grunts and Growls; Wabe Wieringa - Guitar; Christiaan Bruin - Drums; Dennis Burgemeester - Bass; Laurens Hoppe - Keys.