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On June 22 Gad Records will release a live vintage recording by SBB: „Jazz nad Odrą 1975”.

SBB to release vintage live recording from 1975

On June 22 Gad Records will release a live vintage recording by SBB, legend of polish progressive, independent rock: „Jazz nad Odrą 1975”.
...and it's time to fuzz!
The show was recorded at Wrocław’s Hala Ludowa (Poland) during the 1975 „Jazz nad Odra” festival. The heavy-progressive set includes tracks from „Nowy horyzont” and „Pamięć” albums and features many unique, flamboyant improvisations. One of the those („Szalony Grześ” aka “Crazy Greg”) has been selected as promo track for album. You can listen to it here:

The album „Jazz nad Odrą 1975” can be pre-ordered directly from GAD Records. The names of all who will pre-order the CD before 5 June will be listed in the booklet featuring many unseen behind-the-scenes photos from the archives of Tomasz Sikora.

SBB haven proven that there could be a world-class band in Poland. Sent on tour to Sweden in May 1975 to open for the second-rate British act Jack the Lad, SBB quickly stole the show and brought the house down. Contracted for the Roskilde Festival in 1978 as the first group from Poland ever. In their native country they were capable of playing as many as four concerts a day at one venue, and still all the tickets were sold out. They were big. Thanks to the previously unreleased live recording from 1975 we can prove it once again.

The memorable performance at the „Jazz nad Odrą” festival in March 1975 was one of the very first to feature the band’s completely new setlist used (with a few alterations) during the next twelve months. The musicians performed the tracks from their second (not yet released) and third (not yet recorded) album, including the biggest hit up to date, „Z których krwi krew moja”. All the songs were merged in one long suite, incrusted with fierce and powerful improvisations. In 1976 the band began to expand the variety of instruments used and, as a result, never returned to the progressive (and aggressive!) formula so typical of 1975. Thanks to the Wrocław recording, however, we are lucky to experience once again the energy that radiated from the three extraordinary musicians.

The material has been remastered from the original tapes in pristine quality.
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