quinta-feira, julho 16, 2015

CONQUEROR Un’altra Verit - live Naxos may 16th 2014 (DVD + CD)

Un'altra verità is the new concert-movie by Conqueror, the well respected italian prog band: after 5 albums and many appearances in Mellow Records tribute albums, the band from Sicily has released its first live-cd/DVD.

un'altra realtà live Naxos   may 16th 2014  (DVD + CD)

Un'altra verità is the film concert that captures the band during the STEMS tour in 2014.
11 tracks, mostly taken from the latest cd Stems,
featuring also some classic ones like "no photo", "pensieri fragili",
"la strada del graal" taken from the previous cds.
An exciting performance full of pathos where the band does the best.

This product is well-finished in its details,
filmed professionally in HD with 5 video cameras.
The audio shot is entirely multi-tracking recording and is well-finished by STEMS's technicians.
As bonus Conqueror also shoots a documentary about the previous cds called Inside Conqueror,
including Natale Russo, Simona Rigano e Ture Pagano interviews
subtitled in english and french.

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