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The War Is Not Over new album by Mike 3rd with Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Benny Greb

In just seven months after his debut album, Mike 3rd pays tribute to the memory of the victims of all wars with a touching rock album. With him Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Benny Greb, Ronan Chris Murphy and many others.

May 24, 1915 - May 24 2015: The War Is Not Over

Mike 3rd
Prosdocimi & Recording Studio
under the patronage 
of the Municipality of Carmignano Di Brenta (PD)
and the Veneto Region

Prosdocimi Records
21 pieces, 58 minutes
Digital download 

(Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc.)

"100 years ago Italy entered the bloody First World War. 100 years after The War Is Not Over pays tribute to the memory of all the victims of the wars, from World War I to all the conflicts humanity allowed and still allows, not realizing the shameful manipulation which is subjected. The War Is Not Over is an album of passion and meditation. He wants to invite to analyze things in depth, to go beyond the superficial analysis, the shortcuts of the brain. The War Is Not Over wants to give emotions, carry in visions. "

In just seven months after his solo debut In The Woods, appreciated by the press and promoted with a tour started from the Venice Music Biennale 2014, Mike 3rd is back with a special project that comes to homage the victims of all wars, past and present. Written and recorded between the end of 2014 and mid-2015, published under the patronage of the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Carmignano Di Brenta (PD), distributed in all digital stores (Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify etc.) from Sunday, May 24 - 2015, The War Is Not Over is the combination both Mike 3rd's musical visions and emotions.

The musician and producer continues its journey in the name of a modern rock, electronic research, sophisticated yet gritty solutions, original arrangements. Who discovered Mike 3rd with In The Woods will find the unmistakable fragrant analog sound of his Prosdocimi Recording Studio and habitual collaborations with some of the most extraordinary musicians in the world like Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto, (who tied their artistic stature to names like John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Mister Mister), Benny Greb, (of the most admired drummers in the world, Iarin Munari, Alberto Stocco, Andrea Tombesi, Roberta Canzian, Filippo Galvanelli, a team of wonderful Italian talents

Involved in the production aside Mike 3rd renewed L.A. based record producer Ronan Chris Murphy. About his long term collaboration with Murphy Mike said: "when he listened to the recordings the day after arriving in Italy he was impressed, he immediately said that this is the best engineering work I've ever done." Accordingly to Mike 3rd and Ronan Chris Murphy, "a record against every war must fight his peaceful war against the Loudness War", as the songwriter explains, "Ronan says that The War Is Not Over has the glorious sound of milestones like The Dark Side of the Moon and the Beatles White Album. We wanted to compare an extract with U2's Vertigo (from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb): obviously we had to do a proper "level matching" and in comparison, the sound of The War Is Not Over impressed us deeply for the depth, richness, body, space between the instruments."

Twenty one songs including ten conceptual interludes titled "march" representing a soldier's march inspired by the famous Mussorgskji's Pictures at an Exhibition, an articulated modern and vintage at the same time warm rock sound, an artist, Mike 3rd, featuring a team of extraordinary musicians united in an artistic effort against any war.

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