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Prog Rock Duo Liberty's Exiles Bring Goth Edge To "The Price Of Immortality" - Available September 4 Worldwide

Progressive Rock duo Liberty's Exiles bring Goth edge with "The Price of Immortality". Available September 4 Worldwide on Jukester PR

Embarking on their eight release since 2013, the progressive rock duo of Simon Talbot and Rob Mallory have laid out "The Price of Immortality" as 15 tracks showing their true progressive elements, while infusing styles of 80's goth, modern rock and some heaviness throughout. The album is scheduled for a September 4 release worldwide and the band will release the record on the Jukester PR label. 

Their influences are across the board and Talbot says "Influences are wide and many, and I would like to think that we could sit beside any form of rock music." One of the standout tracks include "Soulfire", a semi-ballad that gives off a prog meets 80's style new wave/goth feel. Imagine if bands like The Smiths or The Cure decided to go prog and you get the vision. Another track that shows a heavier side of LE is "The Citadel", showing many elements of heavy rock, clean guitars and clocking in around eight minutes locks it into pure progressive rock fusion. 

For the recordings of "The Price of Immortality", Mallory says "I had this really long story in mind and sat down and wrote out lyrics for 15 songs to form the story. At the same time, Simon had a great musical idea that lent itself to a concept album format." 

The end result is an album that came out very quickly, with recurring musical themes and sound quite different from previous albums, but still very much a Liberty's Exiles release.

Liberty's Exiles formed in 2013 with Simon Talbot located in England, while Rob Mallory lives in Iowa

Liberty's Exiles:
Simon Talbot - Vocals, Guitars
Rob Mallory - Keyboards, Strings

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