sexta-feira, julho 03, 2015

Today Steve Nardelli of the Syn issued the following statement about the passing of his friend and former band mate Chris Squire.

"I spent a day of reflection at home with my family yesterday following the
very sad news that Chris had died. He and Scotty became close friends to
my family during the year we wrote, recorded and toured Syndestructible
and we remembered with compassion those amazingly happy times we had
together at this moment of great sadness. I have known Chris as a friend
for 50 years. We first met at the Hampstead Country Club at a battle of
the bands competition, a meeting that resulted in the amalgamation of
Chris's band the Selfs, and my band High Court, into The Syn. We have been
good friends ever since, not that we didn't have disagreements and
fallings out some times, but a 50 year friendship is a long, winding and
sacred road. There is a Roman saying that 'it is better to live one day as
a lion than 100 years as a mouse' and Chris lived every single day of his
67 year life as a lion. I have been blessed to know this brilliant man as
a true friend and I will greatly miss him."
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