terça-feira, julho 21, 2015

Maestrick announces release of concept album divided in two parts

The new work will be successor of the acclaimed debut "Unpuzzle" released in USA, Europe and Asia by Prog Power Records

In 2011, the brazilian progressive rock/metal band Maestrick presented the music market with an invaluable work of art. The album "Unpuzzle!" brought together 11 tracks of a genial musicality, with references in artistic movements like surrealism and dialogs with several segments such as cinema, painting, literature, dance and performing arts. Back then, the musicians themselves titled Maestrick's music as a "Musical Aquarelle".
"Unpuzzle!" was exceptionally well received by press at the time. The album was elected among the "Best Of The Year" in all voting held by readers of Brazilian specialized magazines and sites. With the release of the album in Europe, United States and Asia in 2013 by Prog Power Records, the album also reached the international press and conquered the critics, receiving statements such as "Masterpiece" (Stormbringer - Germany), "Fascinating" (Metal Temple - Greece) and "Unique" (Lady Obscure - USA). 
After the tour in promotion of "Unpuzzle!" that passed by several states in Brazil, including two unforgetable shows at the festivals Roça 'N' Roll in Varginha/MG and ProgFest II in Lima, Peru, Maestrick started to focus on writting new songs for its second album. 

Still untitled, the album will be conceptual and released in two separated discs. All the structures are defined and it will bring 24 songs, with 12 in each album divided in three movements of four songs. 

According to the vocalist and pianist Fabio Caldeira, this mathematical operation has, as result, a new and big equation with multiple emotions.
"We have practically all composed and the pre-production at an advanced stage", says the musician. "Again we have a conceptual design, and again everything is flowing naturally. From an unassuming talk in my house, an idea emerged and the whole concept has been developed so far. We will have a trip, again uniting various artistic universes and divided into two parts. We decided to give attention to each disc separately, focusing on every detail, every note, every word of every song. We will have everything that Maestrick has to offer, but now on double dose!" 

The recordings of the new Maestrick album will soon begin. Names of producer and studio will soon be revealed.   

Among other news, on May 16th completed five years since the death of one of the greatest heavy metal vocalists of all time: Ronnie James Dio. Musicians from around found a way to honor the master. Maestrick was one of them that recorded a tribute to honor the legacy left by Dio. It is a new recording for Rainbow's classic "Rainbow Eyes", with the special participation of the brazilian orchestra "Belas Artes" (OBA!) under the baton of conductor Andrea Porzio Vernino

Maestrick's version for "Rainbow Eyes" was released on video. It's already available on the band's official Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/_qE00rZOgu8 

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