quarta-feira, maio 04, 2016

Elephants of Scotland - The Perfect Map pre-order

A full year in the making, our third album is just about ready. With "The Perfect Map" we pushed ourselves outside our normal zone and created seven exciting stories centered around the theme of searching for our place and our path ... and how ultimately futile that kind of silliness is.

The CD will ship in June but if you pre-order you will be able to download the full album as soon as it's done. Figure late May for that. That's just a few weeks. 

When we do get the CDs back from the factory, you will get an authographed copy. And it gets even better. In August, we will be releasing an instrumental version of the album and you will get a download of that for free as well. If you spring for the deluxe package also gets you copies of all of our other CDs and DVD.