sexta-feira, maio 06, 2016

MASTER CROW : New album " Die For Hunamity"

In 2006, the guitarist Kriss Mandra and his son, the drummer Théo "Dtx" Gendron started a band. They chose the name of "Master Crow" in reference to the famous fable of the French poet Jean de la Fontaine, "The Fox and the Crow". Joined by the bassist Magic Ced, they began to compose and play some shows. In search of new sounds, the band is joined by a female singer, that is how they composed some pieces for their first album like "Kill Everyone" and " Route 666", an efficient mix of death metal, hard rock and thrash metal. Master Crow played alongside French bands as "Zuul Fx" and "L'esprit du Clan" since 2006.

After this period, Kriss and Theo wanted to radicaly change of music style, they asked to Nemphis to pitch his single voice on their new compositions which are faster, technical and brutal, with a bigger hardcore influence. And that is how they released their first album in 2012, "Down From the sky". The use of eight strings guitar and fast drumming gave some new sounds to the band, the approach of a deathcore sound.

Due to some working obligations, Nemphis leave the band after the release of this first effort. Kriss began to sing again and the band continues the shows in France.

Since September 2013, it's Julien Deyres who has been doing lead vocals and Theo Holander who plays live when Julien can't, because of his other band, Gorod. Meanwhile, the band is joined by Thomas and Matt, respectively bassist and guitarist.

Master Crow plan to hit the Metal world with their new album "Die For Humanity", already recorded and mixed, this new effort promised to be HUGE !

If you want to discover  Master Crow 's universe, you can listen to their album on our soundcloud : Die_For_Humanity.
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