quarta-feira, maio 18, 2016

Shadowrise's release show.


From the south of the Netherlands in Eindhoven; the metal capital of the Netherlands, Shadowrise is born; a symphonic power metal band inspired by heavy melo-death. With their upcoming debut EP Escape From Shadow Island, Shadowrise will release a storm on the metal scene as we know it!
'This debut EP Escape From Shadow Island unmistakably shows this is a top act in the making.'--- Lords Of Metal
'By using both low and high pitch vocals in a rather short amount of time, a lot of dynamics are added, keeping the listener very much interested throughout, making them wish for more.'
'While the grunts by Roman Potasse make the music so much heavier, the golden voice of Laura brings the mix back to a balance.'
'Escape From Shadow Island is the title track of this EP and I have to say that you will be worn out and your neck will hurt after this song. The continuous blast beats by Joris Sevat keep you head banging.' --- Metal Nation Radio
Taking inspiration from a wide variety of bands like but definitely not limited to Wintersun, Keep of Kalessin and Symphony X, the band was able to create its own sound. A melodic yet heavy approach to the power metal genre, with beautiful guitar harmonies and riffs, heavy blast beats, thundering bass, heavenly clean vocals and dirty grunts and loads of neo-classical influences added by Shadowrise's Daniël Boomsma.

With two new band members, Laura Guldemond (Ayreon – The Theater Equation Choir, Robby Valentine) and Yordi Florax the line‐up is complete. Their upcoming debut EP Escape from Shadow Island is recorded at Tomsterproject Studios late 2015. The record contains four tracks of epic power metal; catchy melodies, powerful vocals, blastbeats and beautiful orchestra. The online release will take place the 19th of May and will lead you to the world of Shadow Island.

Shadowrise is ready to take the world by storm!

Band: Shadowrise
Album Title: Escape from Shadow Island
Release Date: April 19th 2016
Genre: Female fronted symphonic power metal
Laura Guldemond - vocals
Daniel Boomsma - lead guitars
Roman Potasse ­‐ vocals, guitars
Yordi Florax - bass
Joris Sevat ­‐ drums

Escape from Shadow Island