terça-feira, maio 31, 2016

Greek progressive band Gravitysays_i tease their upcoming full-length with the album's epic closing track.

Gravitysays_i is a six member band from Piraeus, Greece. With two albums under their belt, their music stretches from prog-rock & ambient to post-rock with a traditional eastern flair (Give attention to the sound of the traditional instrument "Santur"). The song is the first single from their upcoming album, "Quantum Unknown" which comes out this fall via Inner Ear.  

"Quantum Unknown" is the result of four years of recordings and intense experimentation of the band in new fields of music and lyrics. This time, the band's themes play with every knowledgeable form in an attempt to escape from the human gaze itself. Music-wise the experimental and electronic element replaces the electric effusions of their previous work.

Gravitysays_i - Quantum Unknown (Riveted Eye) 

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"Prepare thy self for a journey into what feels like the sci-fi unknown or some kind of elaborate catacombs where moody sound serves as your compass & lantern" - Impose

"Spanning several sections, from its ambient intro to hypnotic passages to soaring guitars to chilling dips into moments of stillness" - Allmusic

Gravitysays_i was formed in March of 2003 by Manos Paterakis and Nikos Retsos in Piraeus. Their debut album entitled "The Roughest Sea" (2007) was released on Sirius, the label founded by the famous Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis. It consists of nine compositions inspired by the egotism, vanity and isolation of modern man. It is a conceptual album characterized by consecutive flow, where the electronic element meets traditional instrumentation, while minimalistic forms follow the general pop-rock spirit. Their sophomore album entitled "The Figures of Enormous Grey and The Patterns of Fraud", released in 2011 (Restless Wind) is different, with regard to its theme, as it re-examines social values, institutions and morality as an extension of individual, as well as collective conscience. This time, their sound follows a more traditional / Mediterranean audio vocabulary, while, at the same time, the dark, atmospheric elements become even more apparent.
In 2016, after a period of absence, they are back to present live their new album ''Quantum Unknown'', which will be released this fall via Inner Ear Records.

The current Gravitysays_i line-up is:
Manos Paterakis (vocals, santur, guitar)
Nikos Retsos (drums, synths)
Mampre Kasardjian (bass)
Nikos Sotiropoulos (guitar)
Costas Stergiou (keyboards)
Vangelis Κatsarelis (trumpet)

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