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Bruno Mansini, from Brazil, release third album The Golden Soul

New album of multi-instrumentalist offers a fresh
communion between rock genres and
universal music with positive and thoughtful lyrics

Distinct cultures and a plenty of musical genres explain – or at least point some possibilities – that the multi-instrumentalist Bruno Mansini created at "The Golden Soul", the third album of its career, available in CD and virtual format next august. This is such a emblematic release to the artist, born and raised in São Paulo, who sings every notes and plays all the instruments in 10 tracks, which contains references to progressive rock in harmony with hard rock, brazilian musical elements, besides soft remembrances of heavy metal,  70ies and 80ies sonorities.

Produced by Mansini on its own, "The Golden Soul" is the last album of a trilogy, which previous ones are "Secrets of Green" (2015) and "Dreams form the Earth" (2013). The journey to inner comprehension and all the stages to reach an utter consciousness form the lyrical concept that unites the three releases. For this purpose, Mansini deals with the search for fellings and emotions' comprehension, always with a optimist perspective and attached to the great men's values. 

The lyrical concept that dialogues about spirituality and self knowledge have its whole purpose when contextualized together with the sound of "The Golden Soul", full of atmospheres and timings, all involved in a crystalline production.  Deep and remarkable, these songs offer to the listener Mansini's plural references in progressive layers, as far as each instrument appears detailed. Graduate in Music, he's also the responsible for the entire writing and recordings of the album. "Music and spirituality are accompanying things of a same intention. I try to use it to truly express myself", define Mansini. 

Mansini points "The Golden Soul" as an album with many autobiographical moments, when the artist enhance his impressions about life and perceptions about many subjects through distinct musical esthetics. The guitars, for example, were recorded by  Cauê Doktorczyk, where resides the new influencies of hard rock and heavy metal, as far as the percussive work reminds the 70ies progressive rock universe and the pop music of the 80ies (AOR), besides the oriental sonority by using the Sitar,  Tabla, Derbak e Riq. 

However, Mansini never deny his roots, the progressive rock, and still keep "The Golden Soul" pretty closer with the kind of sound bands of the 70ies like Yes did. "It was through Yes' music I truly comprehend how is to be an artist, developed with strength and very profound", tell Mansini as a counterweight his another famous reference, Queen. "They're masters in write majestic songs, rich in details and melodies, yet reachable". 

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