domingo, julho 17, 2016

Camel Tribute Band by The Humps - 9/2016 European Tour

The Humps - Camel Tribute Band. We will tour Europe this September .
There is some info about us and the upcoming tour:

The Humps, Camel's No.1 tribute band are embarking on their third
European tour September 2016.

The Humps were formed with the goal of reviving Camel's timeless
compositions, aiming at both younger and older crowds.

The Band plays a changing set consist mainly on Camel's classics like
"Lady Fantasy", "The Snow Goose", "Supertwister", "Never Let Go",
"Ice", "Lies", "Nimrodel" and the list goes on...
While playing a 2 hours set it's almost impossible to leave a camel
fan unsatisfied.
A taste of The Humps show:

Upcoming dates:
16.9.16 @ Boerderij Cultuurpodium, Zoetermeer, Holland
17.9.16 @ De Pul Uden, Holland
20.9.16 @ Club il Giardino Lugagnano, Verona, Italy
23.9.16 @ Ośrodek Kultury Andaluzja - Piekary Śląskie, Poland
24.9.16 @ Bergkeller Reichenbach, Germany

What critics had to say –

"Applauding The Humps for igniting fire works and roaring thunders
inside of every camel fan who attended their show last night, Thank
You! You were awesome, you're renditions of that British prog-rock
music were perfect…"

"There's no doubt that they are a bunch of very talented musicians who
are doing a great job, in this 2 hour show I felt like Camel are still
alive and kicking…"

" What a great tribute, a great and generous set-list. The band just
let the music speak for itself and, they're modest like a Camel …"

"The room was packed with people moving to the sounds created by the
humps, a real dancing ball – a Camel Disco party…"

"Thanks to their accurate renditions, and the crowd of cheering
youngsters, I discovered a fresh, energetic and relevant Camel…."

The Humps in FaceBook:

The Humps on YouTube:
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