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We Are The Catalyst are under no "Delusion" about making a real difference.

Swedish Rockers reveal stripped back video for their hard hitting new single "Delusion"

Varberg, Sweden - One listen to the incredible second single "Delusion" from We Are The Catlalyst's forthcoming album "Elevation" and you will know this band are taking no prisoners with their impeccable alternative metal sound. This is pure rock / metal at its very best and a real hit straight between the eyes. WATC are once again showing that they are a truly unique group capable of having a huge impact on the industry.

When asked what the new single was about, Cat Fey, the bands incredible vocalist said that "It's basically about the necessity of escapism. when the world sucks and you don´t want to realize it, so you close your eyes to the bad things and only see good things, choosing ignorance, which we feel most people do."

Delusion (released 12th of July) is the follow up to the critically acclaimed previous single "Open Door" which was the first single from the highly anticipated album "Elevation" which is out on Ferocity Records on the 2ndof September.

While discussing why the band feel it is important to the band to make a difference to the world through their music. Guitarist Kenny Boufadene added "Because we choose not to be ignorant and it is easy to see that a large part of the worlds population isn´t happy."

He continues; "We aren´t naive enough, in the end though, to actually think we alone can make a big change in the world. But we might reach out to some people who are fighting with depression and other similar illnessess and can hopefully make them feel that they are not alone, and might help them find a way to become happier with their situation and maybe in turn, one day they will do similar"

With the new singles and album the band plan to build on their amazing rise and success which has seen the 4 piece We Are The Catalyst complete a 10 day tour of china playing various shows and festivals, playing Bloodstock alongside bands such as Trivium, Sabaton and Within Temptation.The band also had their first UK headline tour following a support slot for Delain. Adding to their early and extremely impressive accolades they performed at Planet Rockstock as well as The Darkness and FM and Rival Sons where WATC headlined the second stage on the Saturday evening.

Elevation is available now for Pre-Order / Purchase at


The track listing for "Elevation" is:
01. Delusion
02. A Million Claws
03. Our Dark World
04. Open Door
05. Without Fear
06. One More Day
07. Alive
08. Askja
09. Home
10. Never Ending Night
11. Life Equals Pain 

We Are The Catalyst are:
Cat Fey (vocals)
Kenny Boufadene (guitar / vocals)
Håkan Strind (drums)
Joni Kaartinen (bass) 


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