sexta-feira, julho 22, 2016

New Album from scandinavian Nordberg

Music transcends language and Peter Nordberg is an example of that. He has been far more successful outside Sweden even though he sings in his native tongue swedish.

Peter is something of a restless soul. He spent his twenties and thirties travelling and performing all over Europe, before eventually landing in Stavanger, Norway in the mid nineties.

At his neighborhood pub on Stavanger's east side, Nordberg finally found the collaborators, and the peace of mind, to finish writing his first album of original songs. Recorded over two weeks at a fjord-side cabin, "Tiden Visar Vägen" (Time Shows The Way) contains 11 songs about love, loss and belonging. It was released in 1999.

The second, somewhat darker solo effort, "Slott I Sanden" (Sandcastles) was recorded in Stockholm, Stavanger and New York, and released in 2005.

The following year, Nordberg joined forces with Norwegian singer/songwriter Vidar Johnsen. The duo spent the next few years frantically writing, recording and touring. They released three records in as many years. 2007's Ord & Ögonblick, Mål & Mening from 2008, and I Ild & Vatten (2009) brought a string of radio hits, several local Grammy nominations and combined sales of more than 100 000 copies.

After moving home to Stockholm in 2010 Nordberg continued to collaborate with musicians from both Sweden and Norway. Här I Nord (Here In The North), released in 2012, shows Peter from a lighter, airier side. There is also an even deeper connection to Sweden's long and rich folk tradition than had been evident on the Johnsen / Nordberg albums and Peter's previous solo efforts.

This trend continued on the 2014 EP "Hellre I Det Blå" (Rather In The Blue) with more prominent use of traditional Swedish instruments such as nyckelharpa.

2016's "Om Man Inte Är Här", on the other hand, strikes quite the contrast, with its heavily electronic soundscapes and the almost total sidelining of Nordberg's acoustic guitar. However, even if the album is an at least temporary departure from some of Peter's trademarks, the humanity, the storytelling and his distinct voice are very much present.

Released on April 29th, the album was the result of a very successful crowd-funding campaign.

Peter Nordberg is currently travelling Scandinavia and, for a week in June, he was in the US, promoting the brand new record. And even if "Om Man Inte Är Här" is fairly devoid of Peter's acoustic guitar, it is still his primary travelling and performing companion. When you see him in concert, expect an intimate and sympathetic performance boosted by a remarkable catalog of songs.
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