sexta-feira, julho 29, 2016

Last Two Bands For ProgDay 2016!


LUZ DE RIADA is a quartet that combines progressive rock, jazz, folk and experimental music. Formed in Mexico City in 2010 by multi-instrumentalist Ramsés Luna (ex Cabezas de Cera), the idea was to create a musical collective of talented musicians from other bands and projects. With influences that range from KING CRIMSON to ZAPPA, the music explores the dialogue between predetermined and spontaneous music.  The band released the third part of its trilogy, Cuentos y Fábulas (Tales And Fables), this year and begins a new chapter with its first shows in the US.  The current lineup is working on new material for the next musical adventure.


New York based guitarist Joe Nardulli's self-titled debut CD inspired and intrigued some of the area's finest musicians. After jamming with a few, the result was AD ASTRA (To The Stars).  The instrumental quartet mixes the playing and energy of fusion with the compositional slant of symphonic rock.  With tone and melodic sensibilities reminiscent of Steve Morse and Eric Johnson, the focus is on compositions that are tightly structured, eschewing the bombast and length that progressive rock is known for. Smooth, thematic playing styles blend perfectly with soaring, uplifting melodies and odd, shifting time signatures.  In addition to music from past albums. the band will also be performing new material from its next release.

Join DEUS EX MACHINA, DISCIPLINE, BENT KNEE, JONATHAN SCALES FOURCHESTRA,  EYE, LUZ DE RIADA, AD ASTRA and IN THE PRESENCE OF WOLVES at ProgDay 2016, the 22nd edition of the longest running progressive rock festival in the world. The festival will take place on Saturday, September 3rd, and Sunday, September 4th, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  For more information, and to hear music from this year's bands, please visit us at