quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2016

Bob Oliver Lee "Flying Music" (Progressive Rock)

Bob Saliba is an eclectic French musician, also member of Galderia, Stonecast, Debackliner and Ninmah.

Bob has been the leading voice for a project on Ark most famous songs with John Macaluso on drums. In his solo project he is engaged in a progressive rock featuring folk and hard 'n heavy shades.

"Flying Music" is a masterpiece for fans of Yes, Jethro Tull and Ayreon.

Born in 1979 in Bordeaux, France, Bob is a french guitarist, bass player, singer and composer. His first releases are his 1st solo album under the name Bob Oliver Lee (Between Time & Space), Raff – Fissure both in 2009 and Abnormality – Ablaze in 2010.

But as a real polyhedric artist, in 2008 he starts also playing for the power pop band Alix, a mediatic combo that had a lot of success especially in Paris area. After the split of these early projects, Bob gets new metal bands: in Stonecast as lead guitarist (2010); in Ninmah as singer (2013); in Debackliner as singer (2014); in Galderia as bass player, acoustic guitar and singer. As singer and guitarist he also appears on the album of Quiet Human: LTTSS. During the live shows he has been an opener for bands such as Tim Ripper, Circle II Circle, Blaze Bayley, Freedom Call, Secret Sphere or at Sonisphere.

In 2016 he started a collaboration with John Macaluso (Ark, Symphony X, Y Malmsteen…) to perform Ark songs with a new French band full of energy. This same year he will release his 1st album with Debackliner and his 2nd solo album Bob Oliver Lee – Flying Music on Underground Symphony Records.


01. Everything's gone
02. Dead Heart
03. Flying Music (Instrumental)
04. These Wings
05. Thoughts & Regrets
06. River of the Temple (Instrumental)
07. Rising
08. Forbidden Ways
09. Sailors from the Crying Planet
10. From the Pyramid Rises the Flying Spirit of the Pharaoh (Instrumental) 

Bob Oliver Lee LINE-UP
Bob Saliba: Lead, Acoustic Guitars & Vocals
Pascal Garell: Bass
Olivier Tijoux: Drums
Franck Capera: Keyboards
François Albaranes: Piano
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine