domingo, outubro 02, 2016

Nineteen-73 Artists Promotions are very proud to present the third album from eclectic Canadian Prog outfit Half Past Four.

Half Past Four have been compared to early-80s King Crimson. Yet the comparisons vary wildly from track to track. While one piece might sound reminiscent of late-70s Yes, listeners might feel the influence of early Pink Floyd in the next piece, followed by Kate Bush in the mid-80s. Like the best of progressive rock music, the listener cannot predict where the band will take them next.

Mini-album Land of the Blind offers 5 intricate, beautifully-crafted and wildly varied tracks, including the playful "Mood Operator" and fans of cult 70s Canadian art-rockers Max Webster will be delighted at the bold cover of "Toronto Tontos".

The band:
Kyree Vibrant - lead vocals
Dmitry Lesov - bass guitar, chapman stick, vocals
Igor Kurtzman - keyboards, vocals
Constantin Necrasov - guitars, vocals
Marcello Ciurleo - drums

A video for Mood Operator can be viewed below:

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