domingo, outubro 02, 2016

New album proposes the fusion of rhythms like Angra’s Holy Land

It has been 20 years since heavy metal icons from Brazil Angra released "Holy Land", the second album of a yet promising career,  with a revolutionary fusion of rock and metal stuff and Brazilian culture. The esthetic is the same used by multi instrumentalist from São Paulo, Bruno Mansini, at his third album, "The Golden Soul", yet available in CD (shop at or online purchase at bandcamp (    

Raised with distinct proposes than the previous ones ("Dreams from the Earth" and "Secret Signs of Green"), "The Golden Soul" brings 10 tracks based on progressive passages between hard rock nuances, also embraced by Brazilian music swing, besides oriental music incursions to build the right atmosphere where Mansini sings about the quest for the sacred or the journey through the self-knowledge.   

Mansini discovers at the middle of the composition process of the new album, yet with many of the songs recorded, that he had something similar of what Angra did long time ago – and still fresh and worldwide admirable. "It was a natural process because the deep immersion into Brazilian rhythms and also oriental references", he tells. 

So full of details and rich of elements as the mentioned Angra's Holy Land, "The Golden Soul" works, first of all, with the fusion of progressive rock and ethnic music. At "Wonders of the Word", for example, percussive pulses which increase the song and offer the right break at the progressive structure, besides the slight sitar at the introduction.  "Enlightened Skies" run smoothly supported by guitar solos and percussions. 

"The Brazilian music is a constant in my life and all elements that I carried to 'The Golden Soul' shows how important and mature are to my career add any rhythm of the diversity Brazilian culture, that offer so many possibilities even in a prog rock oriented music", revels Mansini.  

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