quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2016

WEDINGOTH : New album, "Alone In The Crowd"

Wedingoth is a progressive Rock/ metal musical project based on open-mindedness and the mix of styles, which the claimed credo is eclectism. It combines the strength of rock led by a feminine voice full of emotions, with atmospheric touch inviting us to travel backed by an orchestral technic. After two albums (Candlelight in 2009 and The Other Side in 2012) and lots of concerts all around France and Belgium, Wedingoth comes back with more motivation than ever on stage to defend its new opus called "Alone In The Crowd"

What does not kill you makes you stronger...
After keeping silent for four years, Wedingoth comes back with his third album:Alone in the Crowd. With a music of a more progressive rock texture with a tint of aggressive Metal, the opus depicts the feelings of a human being under an emotional shock that affects his mind and isolates him from the external world around him. This album depicts the processes of the thoughts of that character from the black side of his torments to the elevation of the height of the saving light.
Are we the result of our past?
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