sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2016


KARMAMOI - "Silence Between Sounds"

The Karmamoi band was born in 2008 as the result of five musicians' desire to create a musical project able to reflect their personality and idea of music. A kind of music in which musical research, melody, electronic music, rock distortions coexist as well as strike a balance, giving expression to a passion- driven, imposing, immediately recognisable sound. "Silence Between Sounds" is the third album from the Italian progressive rock band Karmamoi. Due to changes with band line-up, "Silence Between Sounds" took over two years to realise. Karmamoi used this opportunity creating music in a different way than they have done previously, walking on a new musical path with their personal idea of progressive rock. This process allowed them to progress beyond all previous recorded material. They decided to keep the band without an official vocalist, and for this reason their new album "Silence Between Sounds" features singers. Whilst maintaining the essence of Karmamoi's music, each singer brings their unique vocal characteristics to the music.