terça-feira, abril 11, 2017

Arms Of Tripoli from LA is going to release "Daughters"

Based out of Los Angeles, CA and formed in July of 2011, Arms of Tripoli continues to be an ever-evolving and uniquely independent instrumental band. Arms of Tripoli has played regularly in the greater Los Angeles area, having garnered opening slots for the likes of Maserati, Felix Martin, Glaciers, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, and A Minor Forest and earning the respect of the LA indie and post-rock community. Arms of Tripoli second full length album, Daughters, is truly a post-rock work of art. The dynamic layers of the songs slowly unspool, climatically ramping up to convulsions of euphoria inside the brain.The album is a beautiful reflection of the diverse and numerous influences which are apparent in each member's contribution to the collection of songs.Shades of many subgenres of progressive, post and math rock sprinkle the album with undertones of compelling influence which all congeal into a solid, substantial overall release for the band's sophomore LP; a very worthy follow-up to 2014's Dream in Tongues.
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