terça-feira, abril 18, 2017

BOTTLE NEXT new album "Bad Horse"

If you are not used to hard folk, Bottle Next are a great group to get you in the mood, for the drum and guitar duo succeeds in developing an alchemy on stage made up of complexity and letting go.

A drummer who hits like missile strikes, combined with a sassy electro-acoustic guitarist / singer, the pair deliver a sulphurous mix of rock, metal, blues, folk and progressive rhythms carving out every note they play.
From folk-songs to their rock and roll attitude, Bottle Next are the image of their influences as vast and improbable as Michael Jackson, Meshuggah, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Fink, Zappa, Bjorn Berge and Vassiliu.

The group comes into it's own on stage, and is powerful, musical and overexcited. The hard-folk sound implodes all borders. Progressive, playful … and simply enjoyable … Their passage on stage leaves no one indifferent!


Bad Horses is a goldmine of rock anthems, from the punchy title track to softer pop tunes like « Overthere », and even folkish songs like « The Woody Man ». With metal rock as a link between all this, Bad Horses is already described as a « cat among pigeons » (La Grosse Radio, Nov 2016).

The concrete playing of drummer Martin Ecuer, topped by the amazing voice and guitar playing of Pierre Rettien are undoubtedly serious assets for Bottle Next. From the forceful « Break Down The Door » to the tremendous « The Running Herd », the duet built its unique touch combining metal riffs and rock structures. The folk part comes from the astonishing sound of a guitar that's been custom-made especially for the band.
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