sábado, abril 15, 2017


You will probably encounter Steam Morrisler, scratching your eyes among a deep plume of smoke. As four shapes united around intense, massive psychedelic rock'n'roll, in which arrangements sing like a strange tape echo to spaghetti western soundtracks and the unforgettable Z movie impudence.

All that blossomed among the Steam Morrisler's musical and visual world gather around for this strange journey. Face to face with the devil, psychedelic experiences, like a honeymoon among the graves, voodoo spells... Steam Morrisler invites you to discover an original feature, rich in lyrics and composition.


The band is about to release its first EP, entitled 'Odds & Ends'', which is released TODAY.

Created like a curiosity cabinet or some strange apothecary shop, "Odds & Ends" appears like a real walk through the Steam Morrisler universe. You will listen to this opus like one who sneaks among a big bazaar and discover, along punchy guitar riffs, some curious knick-knacks made of sound, memories of books and movies. Welcome to this strange voodoo bric-a-brac shop and don't be afraid to follow the emanations of Steam Morrisler's heavy rock'n'roll.

Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine