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ProgDay is pleased to announce our first bands for 2017:


"Flor De Loto has continued to grow as a musical entity, which means
that thanks to them, Peru's progressive scene remains an interesting
point of reference regarding the healthy state of the affairs for
current progressive rock around the globe."
- Cesar Inca, Progarchives.com

Hailing from Lima, Peru, FLOR DE LOTO began in 1998. However it was
years later before the band released their eponymous debut. Taking
more than six months to record, Flor De Loto was a great success and
is regarded by many as one of the best Latin American prog albums of
2005. Since then, the band has become the most well-known proponent of
progressive rock from Peru. Often compared to Jethro Tull because of
their flute/rock mix, their style also encompasses fusion, psyche,
metal, folk (particularly Andean folk music) and film music.

ProgDay is happy to present FLOR DE LOTO for their first performance
in the United States.


"…a revolutionary shot across the bow for what we might consider to be
the possibilities of modern day guitar music... With so many forms of
contemporary music seemingly satisfied to simply regurgitate weary and
weathered tropes, Sonar has defied the norm by crafting something
singular and magical."
- Jeff Miers,The Buffalo News

SONAR is a avant-progressive, post-minimal band from Switzerland.
Fusing an exacting minimal esthetic with the power of a rock band,
SONAR creates sonic rituals unlike anything you have ever heard
before. While pointing to King Crimson, the compositional precision of
Nik Bärtsch, and minimalist composer Steve Reich as some of the band's
more obvious touchstones, the music comes out of the gate sounding
like none of them. At a time when most guitarists are measured in
notes per second, SONAR is, instead, the meeting place of rigorously
considered writing, collective restraint, and a sound instantly
recognizable as much for what is not there as for what is.

The band's new release, Vortex, produced by David Torn, is scheduled
to be available at ProgDay 2017.


"Light at the Endless Tunnel takes the listener into a wide-range of
directions, blending the familiar with unexpected Middle Eastern
elements, Indian vocal percussion, soul and lots more. The band
features extremely talented musicians who showcase their talent with
looped guitars, creative bass lines, imaginative drum patters,
Ethiopian scales, spectacular guitar solos, exquisite keyboard
ambience, epic intensity, and Canterbury-ish keyboards... In other
words, state of the art progressive rock... Every year, there is at
least one progressive music act that stands out from the rest and
iNFiNiEN is undoubtedly one of the best. This is one of the
progressive rock gems of the past few months. Highly recommended."
- Angel Romero, ProgressiveRockCentral.com

Philadelphia-born iNFiNiEN combines eclectic musical personalities
into a visionary, unified force. Using rock, jazz, soul, world, and
classical influences, the band plays intricately composed songs with a
focus on the exploration of new territories of sound by using exotic
scales, chords, and rhythms. A centerpiece of the band's sound is the
expressive voice of Chrissie Loftus, whose evocative and emotional
vocals provide the lyrical glue that binds the widely-ranging
compositions together. The band has hit a new peak with their latest
release, Light At The Endless Tunnel, which found it's way onto many
"Best Of The Year" lists for 2016.

Join FLOR DE LOTO (Peru), SONAR (Switzerland) and iNFiNiEN (US) for
the twenty-third edition of ProgDay. ProgDay 2017 will take place on
Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3rd, at Storybook Farm in
Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information, please visit us at
www.progday.net. ;

To hear music from all this year's bands, please visit the ProgDay
Music page (http://www.progday.net/ProgDay-Music.html).
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