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Metalmania 2017 – signing sessions!

After a 9-year hiatus, the biggest indoor metal festival in Eastern Europe - Metalmania, comes back to life. The 23rd edition of this iconic festival will be held on April, 22nd 2017 in Spodek Hall, Katowice (Poland).
Apart from seeing your favourite bands performing on the stage, you will also have a chance to stand face-to-face with them during special signing sessions. The bands will be more than happy to sign your CDs, shirts, body parts etc.
Metalmania Festival 2017 - time schedule of signing sessions:
11.00 - Tygers of Pan Tang
15.00 - CETI
15.30 - Impaled Nazarene
16.00 - Sodom
16.30 - Moonspell
17.00 - Arcturus
17.30 - Sinister
18.00 - Entombed A.D.
19.00 - Vader
20.30 - Samael
22.45 - Coroner 
Metalmania Festival - one of the most important musical events of 2017, a real treat for metal maniacs! Metalmania remains true to its formula - one day, two stages, over 20 bands from all around the world and thousands of fans! That's what Metalmania Festival is all about!
Metalmania Festival 2017
Main stage: Animations, Tygers of Pan Tang, Sinister, Arcturus, Furia, Vader, Entombed A.D., Sodom, Coroner, Moonspell, Samael
Second stage: Mentor, Stillborn, Thermit, In Twilight's Embrace, Mord'A'Stigmata, Infernal War, Thaw, Obscure Sphinx, Impaled Nazarene, CETI, Entropia
Special guests: Roman Kostrzewski, Aga Krysiuk, Zbigniew M. Bielak
Ticket prices (pre-sale):
FAN ticket – 666 PLN (only at shop.metalmind.com.pl)
VIP - 355 PLN
Red seats H, J - 260 PLN
Red seats & blue seats (rows I-X) - 195 PLN
Blue seats (rows XI and up) - 160 PLN
Standing floor - 170 PLN
For tickets go to:
shop.metalmind.com.pl, www.ticketpro.pl, www.eventim.pl, www.ebilet.pl, www.biletin.pl,  www.ticketportal.pl
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