segunda-feira, dezembro 14, 2015


Debut EP "One More Round" to be re-released on February 5th via Musicarchy Media

Five-piece alternative rock band NOISEMATE is set to re-release their debut EP "One More Round" on February 5th.

The band formed in London in 2015. Boasting a multinational and multi-talented line up, they represent the current state of modern rock music, with members from three different countries – Hungary, England and Italy.  Created from the unifying nature of music, NOISEMATE embody the idea that good music doesn't have cultural boundaries. The band works relentlessly on every aspect of the project, from their website, to graphic work, to producing their own music and the video for lead single "Never Forget Youth".
NOISEMATE has now joined forces with Musicarchy Media for the digital re-issue of "One More Round" in order to take their music to bigger audiences. In the meantime, the band declares that they already have enough material for a full album.
The re-release will include an additional bonus track. See the tracklisting below:
1) Jump Out Of The World
2) Keep Going On
3) Something More
4) Never Forget Youth
5) Heartbeat

6) Patience Has Gone
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