segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2015

Galahad - News

In order to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary Galahad will be releasing a historical double CD retrospective with a twist, the twist being that ten of the tracks included are brand new re-recorded versions of old Galahad songs, some dating back to 1985, the year the band formed, including one thirty year old track (City of Freedom) which has never been recorded before!
In some cases the new versions are similar to the originals but in other cases the songs have been re-worked and re-arranged considerably, either way we have tried our best to be sympathetic to the spirit of the originals whilst trying to bring them up to date in terms of their sonic quality and also so that they compare favourably, hopefully, with the Galahad sound of 2015!

As this is a rather special album, we have also included a few strategically placed 'tributes' to a few of our original influences within some of the newly recorded 'old' tracks, so it'll be interesting to see if they'll get spotted!

All tracks were recorded at Thin Ice, once again, with Karl Groom at the helm on engineering and mixing duties. The album also includes guest appearances from Mark Andrews (our keyboard player from 1988 to 1991) playing piano on three tracks and Sarah Bolter on backing vocals on the re-worked version of 'Ocean Blue'. Daryl Watts plays Bass guitar on 'The Chase, Daryl is the son of Paul Watts, our first bass guitarist who was a band member from 1985 to 1988, thus here comes Galahad ..the next generation!"

The track list for 'When Worlds Collide' is:
1. Lady Messiah (1985/2015)
2. The Chase (1988/2015)
3. City of Freedom (1986/2015)
4. Chamber of Horrors (1990/2015)
5. Dreaming from the Inside (1985/2015)
6. Room 801 (1990/2015)
7. Ocean Blue (1996/2015)
8. Don't Lose Control (1990/015)
9. Karma For One (1997/2015)
10. Exorcising Demons ( 1993/2015)

11. Empires Never Last (2006/2014)
12. Sleepers (1992/2012)
13. Richelieu's Prayer (1990/2012)
14. Painted Lady (1985/2014)
15. Bug Eye (1997/2014)
16. Singularity (2012)
17. Guardian Angel (2012)
18. Seize the Day (Single mix) (2014)
19. This Life Could Be My Last (2014)

We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who came and supported us at the several shows we played during 2015. The audience reaction and the general love in the air shown towards the band was humbling at times especially in Poland and also at 30th anniversary show at Mr Kyps in Poole, which really did serve as a big reminder as to why we do it all in the first place despite our ever rapidly advancing years!

After a very hectic 2015, 2016 will be a little quieter, a year of rest on the live front in fact, but we will spend much of the year writing and recording material for our next studio album which we hope to release in 2017. We already have a hatful ideas which are being worked on at the moment, so more exciting times ahead for the band.

Well, that's about it for now from a very busy Galahad HQ, but I'd also just like to extend a massive hand of gratitude to all those who have supported us throughout the last 30 years or so and wish you all a very merry Christmas as well as a peaceful, safe, prosperous and happy 2016. -- 
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