quinta-feira, dezembro 17, 2015

Morgan Washam released his debut solo album, "Blood Moon"

Morgan is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Appalachian hills of Ohio. Morgan's music fuses elements of folk, country, blues, rock and jazz within the Americana paradigm. Washam's lyrical content is inspired by life experiences as well as elements of spiritual and political significance. He released his debut solo album, "Blood Moon".

During his formative years, he performed in many budding Rock N Roll ensembles, most notably with the jamband Peach Melba. Washam toured extensively with Peach Melba throughout the midwestern United States from 1996 until the group disbanded in 2004.

 Many of Morgan's early works can be heard on three albums released by the group during this period. Additionally, Morgan has worked with youth in music, teaching and inspiring young people in public schools to immerse themselves creatively in the arts through music.

 Washam has also worked extensively with a local arts advocacy organization to help renovate a performance theater that will serve as a beacon for the performing arts in the local community in his home town. In 2007, Morgan launched his own production house called Wildwood Media. The company continues to produce creative projects for regional artists as well as for educators and organizations throughout southern Ohio.

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