segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2015

Ex-Orhpaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi taking part in Soul Enema "Aral Sea" trilogy

Soul Enema published a video preview featuring Yossi Sassi (Orphaned Land, solo) and his signature Bouzoukitara, taking part in recordings for "Aral Sea, II: Dustbin Of History" - a secondsegment of a trilogy, focused on one of the biggest environmental disasters in the history of mankind - the drying of Aral Sea. The trilogy is a part of upcoming album "Of Clans And Clones And Clowns", featuring a range of contributing guest artists, such as Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One). Yossi Sassi is the inventor of the Bouzoukitara - a unique instrument that combines a traditional acoustic Bouzouki with an electric solid-body guitar, providing a firm Middle-Eastern touch, best known as essential part of Oriental Metal pioneers - Orphaned Land.
Preview link: Soul Enema with Yossi Sassi - "Aral Sea II" recordings preview.

Soul Enema
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