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SACHA KORN releases newest 'Feuer' CD - first video available now

"Feuer" is the newest album from the Neue Deutsche Härte musician Sacha Korn (1975, Berlin). The album comes 2 years after the release of "Funkenflug" and sees Sacha Korn back with even more rage. Musically you can expect heavy guitar riffs mixed with melancholic melodies carrying words of longing, homeland, identity and violence. A perfect soundtrack for a round in the boxing ring or a heavy workout in the gym.

The band recorded the album in Stockholm at Fascination (Jens Bogren) and Berlin.

Lyrically, the album describes the feelings Sacha Korn has gone through after seeing the Europe he knows being under threat by outside and homegrown terror. What's the correct answer to this all? "Feuer" offers you the opportunity to look for answers together with Sacha Korn. It won't be an easy quest, but it's one you'll need to undergo in order to understand the reality and your identity.
Says Sacha: "Lyrically it tackles the current identity crisis Europe is going through with a patriotic non-political correct touch to it. Patriotism has for years received a negative connotation in the European music world. But with the current immigration crisis and the recent terroristic attacks in Paris, France, being a patriot is no longer a filthy word, but something to be proud of as it stands for Western values which are more and more under threat. Being proud of the values of the real Europe is now more than ever the correct stance to take. This is not about religion, this is about our values which everyone willing to live in Europe should embrace."

Sacha Korn can easily be put in the same league as bands such as Böhse Onkelz and Rammstein who often get pulled into the focus of German national media as the bad guys that we all have to be warned of. Nonsense of course because Sacha Korn's credits for instance include guest speaker appearances at music conferences in China and consultancy work for Afro-American 80ies super star Terence Trent D'Arby. Note that Terence Trent D'Arby's brother Daren D'Arby delivered vocals on several tracks on "Feuer".

If you are not afraid of inconvenient truths (where did we hear that before), then you'll surely like what you hear on "Feuer"!
A video for the track "Feuer" has just been released and can be viewed on YouTube:

Track list "Feuer" album:

Sturm und Gewitter
Fauler Regen
Eiszeit 1
Wildes Tier

The album is available on CD and as download via Bandcamp (including 2 tracks for immediate download). 
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