quinta-feira, dezembro 17, 2015

Cochise reveal their brand new video !

Polish rock/metal band Cochise revealed a brand new video promoting their most recent album "The Sun Also Rises for Unicorns". You can watch "Perfect place to Die" video in THIS location.
"Sometimes we destroy what we love, and we love what we are destroying. Someone once said: 'It happens, that the people around us do not understand the way we are going. They do not have to do it as it's not their way'. And that's exactly what 'Perfect place to Die" is about." – Paweł Małaszyński, the band's vocalist comments.
The video was directed by Laura Kielar known from her work with Cochise's previous clips "Black Summer" and "The boy who lived before"
The follow-up to the "118" album is their fourth full-length album. All guitars, bass and drum parts were recorded in just one take at The Rolling Tapes studio. All vocals were recorded at Nagrywatornia Studio in their hometown Bialystok. Paweł says "The album is full of questions, sadness, anxiety and nostalgia. There is also strength, rebellion, joy, love and pride. There are some utopian-romantic visions of the world. This is the album about unique individuals, sensitive and full of passion but often apathetic, amoral, introverted and withdrawn." Musically, "The Sun Also Rises for unicorns" is a continuation of what the band recorded so far. "We hope, this album is a step forward, a natural development for the band" says Wojtek, Cochise's guitarist.
"The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns"
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Cat. no.: MMP CD 0754
Barcode: 5907785039261
Format: CD DG
Genre:  Rock/Metal/Grunge
Release date: 02.10.2015 Europe / 13.11.2015 USA
1. The Sun also rises for unicorns
2. The Boy who lived before
3. I don't care
4. Homeland
5. The Viper room
6. Falling
7. Circus
8. Perfect place to die
9. Stupid love
10. Monster
11. Black summer
12. Karma
13. Dead men wanted
The band was formed in 2004 in Białystok, Poland. The current line-up includes: Paweł Małaszyński on vocals (he is also a very successful movie actor in Poland), Wojtek Napora on the guitar, Radek Jasiński on the bass guitar and Czarek Mielko on the drums. So far, they have released a demo "9" plus three full-length releases - „Still Alive" in 2010, „Back to Beginning" in 2012 and "118" in 2014. On their studio albums, Cochise perfectly blend energetic songs enriched with heavy, almost metal sounds with more delicate, atmospheric ones. The band's most recent studio album "118" proved that they can remain true to the rock tradition and still enrich their sound with fresh and original ideas. The band follow this path on their new studio album "The Sun Also Rises for Unicorns" released on October, 2nd (in North America on November, 13th) via Metal Mind Productions.
Cochise – line-up:
Paweł Małaszyński - vocals
Wojtek Napora – guitar
Radek Jasiński - bass guitar
Czarek Mielko - drums
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